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Jet-Hot Coatings are high-performance ceramic coatings for exhaust headers, side pipes, manifolds, intakes, mufflers, turbo housings, and other parts. When you coat the external and internal surfaces of your exhaust system, you'll improve their performance and longevity-and possibly avoid costly repairs later. These coatings improve horsepower output and protect other components in and around the engine from the heat that emits from exhaust components. It's a waste of money to buy expensive exhaust parts that perform worse and look worn down after only a few months. For a low cost now, Jet-Hot Coatings make your parts look amazing, perform better, and always come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you send in or drop off rusted parts, we'll use our expert process to prepare even those! As long as there are no holes or pits in the metal, a new ceramic coating on headers or other parts will make them look perfect-better than new. Everyone will be blown away by the look of your new ceramic coating.

So, get a ceramic header coating-or whatever other parts you need coated. And check out our Classic, Off-Road, Jet-Hot, and Color options below to see which coating is perfect for your next project.


Extend the Life of Your Parts. You've put money into special parts, so protect them! Sometimes a $50,000 car can completely break down just because the parts weren’t ceramic coated. It takes a lot of time to remove and repair expensive exhaust parts, headers, and turbo kits, so the longer you can make them last, the better!

Protection from Corrosion. Ceramic coatings keep away oil, gas, salt, and other metal degrading materials that your parts come into contact with every day. You should always have an expert advise you on which type of coating will be best for your parts and the way you plan to use them.

Higher Performance. Even if you bought titanium or good stainless steel parts, a ceramic coating for headers, exhaust pipes, and turbo parts (just to name a few) actually improves their performance. These types of coatings actually cause your exhaust gases to flow faster and decrease thermal tumbling. Ceramic coatings also eliminate pressure problems and give you even more horsepower! Need another performance perk? Ceramic coatings prevent heat from escaping your vehicle's pipes, which prevents damage to spark plug wires, wiring harnesses, and plastic components, so your engine runs better.

Protection from Thermal Cycling. For high-performance systems, a coating that can withstand more than 1600°F protects your turbo and exhaust parts from thermal cycling that can break down metal over time. In other words, the ceramic coating keeps heat inside the system, so that the metal doesn't cycle from red-hot heating back to cool continuously.

They Look Great! Ceramic coatings can make parts look like chrome without the discoloration and flaking problems of chrome. Don't like the look of chrome? Ceramic coatings are available in a wide array of color options from ghost white to pure black-and everything in between. Blackout your motorcycle, make your header stand out, or create a custom design under the hood that lasts forever. You can even custom match a color that’s already on your vehicle, and get the look you’ve always wanted.


Jet-Hot pioneered the industry’s Classic Polish coating back in 1981. Today, it's still considered the best that the industry has to offer. Classic Polish lowers a part's surrounding temperatures by up to 65% and withstands temperatures up to 1250°F. For automotive applications, coating almost any external or internal surface can improve the performance of the entire exhaust system-all while protecting the coated part(s) from galvanic corrosion and thermal oxidation. Use it to coat exhaust systems and headers, piston heads, catalytic converters, x-pipes, side pipes, heat shields, tubing, and tips. Just to name a few!


As its name suggests, this coating is ideal for off-road cars, trucks, dune buggies, motorbikes, and Jeeps. Like Classic Polish, Jet-Hot's Off-Road Polish lowers parts' surrounding temperatures and prevents galvanic thermal oxidation, improving the performance of the entire exhaust system. This unparalleled coating is rated for severe conditions surviving conditions greater than 2000°F. Use it to coat turbo housings, exhaust systems and headers, piston heads, catalytic converters, x-pipes, side pipes, heat shields, tubing, and tips.


Jet-Hot's Ultra Extreme Heat Thermal Barrier is our most powerful thermal protection available. This impervious coating can withstand 2500°F temperatures, double that of Classic Polish. It insulates metal, protects from corrosion, increases performance, and prevents heat from escaping and causing damage to other components. Coating applications include headers, turbo housings, down pipes, x-pipes, side pipes, heat shields, tubing, exhaust parts and systems, catalytic converters, and other high-performance parts.

Color Topcoats personalize your vehicle to make it the ride of your dreams! We offer the largest selection of colors in the industry. The most popular choices are Satin Black and Classic Polish, but there are more than 80 other color options to choose from. Color topcoats are applied over a ceramic-metallic base-coat to protect against corrosion. Looking for something truly unique? Work with a Jet-Hot specialist to custom develop a color that's uniquely you.

Get your Jet-Hot ceramic header coatings today!

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